ShoreTel Updates PBX and Announces New Phones

1 min read
IP PBX vendor ShoreTel has announced a new release of its IP telephony platform saying it raises the bar for systems aimed at branch offices and small businesses demanding key system functionality.

With this introduction, ShoreTel offers the only key system emulation that is part of a single hardware and software platform that spans all levels of key system and PBX functionality, addressing the needs of organisations with 10 to 10,000 employees. Other solutions include distinct products for different sizes of companies, forcing folk-lift upgrades when customers move between platforms, and impacting customer service levels by requiring partners and customers to support multiple, complex products.

"Being able to emulate the key system that our employees are used to in one integrated IP phone system with all the PBX capabilities is very important to our business," said Jason Reed, IT manager at Grubb Properties. "The scalability across multiple sites and ease of installation of the ShoreTel system is also necessary because we frequently set up temporary offices. For example, we will be setting up an office in June for six months for a new real estate development and need to extend ShoreTel 6.1 with the new key system capabilities to that location."

ShoreTel say version 6.1 introduces new key system capabilities that combine the features users in this market expect with the flexibility, manageability, usability, and cost-effectiveness of ShoreTel's unique VoIP technology. The star of this latest release is the ShorePhone IP 212k, an ergonomic IP key system telephone with 12 programmable buttons, exceptional audio quality, and big LCD display.

"ShoreTel 6.1 is an ideal voice platform for many branch offices, retail chains, and small businesses that require key system behaviour from their phones," said Steve Timmerman, vice president of marketing. "The ShoreTel platform offers attractive price points for all sizes of offices and continues to feature the ease of use and management that keep our customers satisfied."