Six months of free chat and videoconferencing from Wildix

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Wildix is embracing the work from home initiative required by businesses and numerous governments by enabling employees to work remotely.

Many players in the ICT sector have made an increased effort to enable work from home capabilities for employees in response to business demand and government recommendations, both of which are in direct response to the coronavirus emergency.

Among these, the multinational Unified Communications and VoIP company Wildix is entering the field with an exclusive initiative to help companies and workers start smart working.

One of the obstacles to smart working is technology. Through Wildix and their initiative, technicians can configure a system completely remotely in only two hours, allowing it to run on workers' own personal devices. This is possible thanks to the Wildix platform's browser-based UI; after accessing this virtual office space, a click is all it takes to chat, share screens and documents, and even create video conferences with colleagues and clients.

Steve Osler, CEO of the company, said: "Today, Wildix is launching an extraordinary smart working offer: six months of free chat and video conferencing with colleagues and customers. Employers and companies have an obligation to protect their workers' health at all times, but all the more so during this dramatic period for global health. At Wildix, we are all working from home — smart working — thanks to our solution. I invite all workers who can perform their roles from home to start doing so immediately, without waiting even one day. To do this, we need browser-based technology that is easy to use, quick to activate, and works on users' personal devices. All this means that without any special hardware you can instantly begin working by routing the calls received at your office to your home device. However, for those who require a device, our Vision and Supervision phones will also be discounted. When we stay at home, we protect our own health and our loved ones. So we work from home now! And it's all the better with a 100% hacker-proof, intuitive system like Wildix's."

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Additionally, the Vision and Supervision phones — which Wildix is also launching a promotion for, as Osler announced — work through a simple WiFi connection.

SuperVision uses an Android-based operating system and is equipped with an 8-inch display and a removable webcam. It also allows managers to monitor the company's telephone activity (via Call Center Wallboard).

With a 7" display, a 2 Megapixel camera and WebRTC technology on Android OS, Vision is the perfect video phone for videoconferences and video calls. You can receive audio and video directly on your phone from another Vision, from a PC, or even a video door-phone.