SNAPin Software reacts to Ofcom report

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Ofcom has opened a consultation into the UK’s mobile industry, examining the customer service and regulation affecting mobile services. Citing one of the reasons behind the consultation, which closes November 2008, Ofcom indicated that while more than 90% of mobile consumers are happy with their mobile service, too many are not.

Ofcom is concerned that complaints by consumers about mobile services appear to be rising. The regulator is now looking at how to ensure that rules to protect consumers are clear, effective and relevant, given the rapid changes in technology.

Jason Choy, EMEA managing director at SNAPin Software, a provider of self service customer care technology, said: “No one wants to be amongst the unhappy 10%. The fact that Ofcom is taking a closer look at where customer service is falling short shows that there is a need for more innovation in this country. Customer satisfaction can be dramatically increased by providing a relevant, personal and intuitive service experience across all touch points.

“One form of innovation that can make an immediate impact is on-device self service technology that helps solve problems directly on the device without requiring a live customer care agent,” he continued. “This form of customer care has proven to be the preferred method of customer service in comparison to IVR, web and even speaking to a live customer care agent. The reality is customers prefer to take matters into their own hands and serve themselves, resolving queries directly on the handset. With clever adoption of technology, the five major operators can see the reduction in customer service complaints that Ofcom is calling for. The technology is out there to turn customer service on its head,” he continued.