Tadiran Telecom Launches the Coral Sea Softswitch

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Tadiran Telecom, a provider of IP business telephony and communications supplier, has announced the launch of the Coral Sea Softswitch 3.0. The company heralds the product as being a revolutionary state-of-the-art softswitch that delivers unified communications in conjunction with multimedia over IP and adds that the advanced software architecture provides organizations with a platform for enhanced, more reliable and more efficient business interactions.

Coral Sea Softswitch enables enterprises to connect to their service provider directly, through a pure IP connection, thereby preserving quality of service and reducing costs. Unified messaging, voice and video conferencing, soft phones, dual-mode phones, IP phones – regardless of the source, users will be able to receive information in real time, conduct consultations and correspondence with colleagues, and make timely well-founded decisions. This assortment of communications features transforms every location into a fully operational workstation, considerably increasing efficiency and productivity by reducing process/communications latency.

The company says the Coral Sea Softswitch allows for distributed system architecture, delivering complete redundancy and the highest level of fault tolerance to ensure business continuity and reliability. A powerful and secured web-based unified management system provides users with complete access and control over all system components and entities, from user profiles to global configurations.

"Customers have already lined up to enjoy next-generation communications features with complete mobility and reliability." says Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Tadiran Telecom. "Tadiran Telecom has aligned its vision with the global demand for truly unified communications and multimedia over IP. Today is a milestone in the fulfillment of this vision. The leap towards a comprehensive unified communications solution expands our reach through an ever-growing network of distribution channels."

Facilitating the migration to IP networks, the Coral Sea Softswitch enables companies to leverage legacy telephony equipment while preserving past investments. As a scalable solution, the Coral Sea Softswitch allows customers to gradually extend and advance their networks according to their needs and traffic capacity.