Telecomplete Launch Wireless MAN for Manchester

1 min read
Comms Channel Award winning company Telecomplete has announced the launch of a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for Manchester.

The service is based upon 13 Rooftop POP across Manchester for maximum coverage for secure and reliable IP connectivity to any location within the M60 and represents the ONLY alternative to BT in Manchester. Telecomplete’s WMAN service offers dedicated, secure access of a Leased Line but with a similar pricing structure to SDSL services – an unparalleled value message for Manchester based customers.

WMAN represents a cost effective inter-branch/office support for converged IP voice, data and streaming video applications coupled with very high speed internet access and back up and disaster recovery.

Telecomplete say their service offers several compelling factors that make WMAN more attractive than traditional leased lines including rapid deployment – only 5 days installation compared to up to 45 days for a leased line and a 99.95% uptime SLA.

Mark Salvin, Sales Director, comments ‘This is a great innovation for Manchester and means true convergence is one step closer for all Manchester-based organisations. We are constantly evaluating our services, requirements of the marketplace and how we can best exploit available technologies. With the WMAN service, we have a unique proposition for the Manchester marketplace that I am sure will become the blue-print for other UK cities.’