TeleWare Kiss for the Channel

1 min read
TeleWare has announced a new UK Channel Partner to enhance its service offering with a non-technical approach to telecom service delivery.

Comtact is a new organisation with a fresh new approach. They have 10 years telecoms experience and have investigated the market for telecom services and determined that there is a need for a new type of hosted offering based on ‘best’ packaging.

“The Comtact approach is refreshing and, we believe, has the capacity to get good traction in the market,” said Peter Orr, Sales Director for TeleWare. “This approach offers customers a non-technical solution based on delivering a robust, understandable and simple service offering that will have mass market appeal and avoid the complex and difficult to compare solutions that are offered by many providers today.”

A hosted service has a unique ability to deliver a complex solution in a very understandable way. Customers are increasingly demanding that they be able to understand what they are buying and compare product offerings. “Our offering is based on understanding and articulating how it will benefit the customer rather than discussing what the service will do,” said Dominic List, Managing Director for Comtact.

Comtact is a fully trained TeleWare hosted services partner with the solutions and relationships in place to deliver the TeleWare services over networks from Venus and Gamma Telecoms. The total solution offering is provided as a service including a value pack of capabilities such as voicemail and faxmail and offered at a one off cost plus an ongoing monthly rental change that includes the BT analogue line.

“We want to take the science out of it – it is a commercial decision at the end of the day – we aim to provide our customers with answers to their needs in a few easy steps,” added List.