THUS Launches up to 8Mbps Demon Business Broadband

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THUS has launched a new range of Demon broadband packages with faster download speeds of up to 8Mbps, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses and home workers. Demon up to 8Mbps ADSL broadband will be available nationwide, delivering high-performance Internet connectivity with key business features and superior quality of service at competitive prices.

Demon up to 8Mbps broadband services perfectly complement THUS’ already comprehensive business portfolio, particularly Demon Voice Over Broadband where faster speeds can support simultaneous voice over broadband connections. For a fixed monthly fee, Demon customers can capitalise on the benefits of business broadband while experiencing downstream line speeds of up to 8Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 832kbps. This is ideal for businesses with a requirement to send and receive large files and rich media content in seconds. The new up to 8Mbps broadband packages and price plans on offer from Demon include:

Demon Home 8000

£0 set up, £19.99 per month, optional free modem, fair usage policy

Demon Home Office 8000

£0 set up, £24.99 per month, optional free modem, fair usage policy

Demon Business 8000

£40 set up, £59 per month (Plus VAT), choice of access equipment

THUS’ up to 8Mbps Business Broadband range accommodates bandwidth intensive multi-media applications such as video conferencing and will provide users with more services and support than most standard broadband packages. Business users can take advantage of a variety of features including web hosting and a dial-up companion service which allows users to connect to email when on the move. In addition, users have access to round-the-clock dedicated telephone support from THUS’ experienced technical support team.

Nigel Stevens, Product Director at THUS, said: “THUS was the first company to offer broadband services, under the Demon brand, and this product further enhances our extensive portfolio of broadband products. Through our continued commitment to developing the Demon broadband portfolio, THUS has a wide-ranging selection of SME targeted broadband products which fit well together and appeal to home workers as well as to high-end SME users that require the most reliable packages.”

Demon Home, HomeOffice and Business Customers will be migrated onto higher speed ADSL broadband services during the coming months, Demon Express Plus and pro Customers will be given the choice to upgrade. However, speeds received by users on the up to 8Mbps packages will depend on a variety of factors including the distance the subscriber is from a local exchange and the quality of the user’s line.