Tollring renews its ISO certifications

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Tollring has passed its ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO 27001 IT Security Standard audits, with the company certified since 2009 and 2015 respectively.

The company passed both with zero non-conformances or further action required, demonstrating it has maintained high quality and security standards across its organisation. Tollring added the awards also reinforce its commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience.

Hilary Oliver, chief marketing and experience officer at Tollring (pictured above, left), said, “The two ISO standards together are immensely important to Tollring and all the hard work undertaken by the various teams involved in passing these audits should be recognised. The fact that we have passed both audits with flying colours shows that we have embedded both quality and security into everything that we do.

“ISO standards have been instrumental in allowing companies to compete globally, to increase customer confidence and to maximise business efficiency, however for Tollring, quality and security go beyond delivering competitive advantage; they are about our responsibility to everyone who works for us and with us. The processes behind the certifications flow across every department, continuously improving and evolving to drive staff, partner and end user satisfaction through excellence.”

Shivani Makkar, head of research and development, Tollring (pictured above, right), added, “Operating in the cloud and in a fast-paced market, our solutions are in a constant state of improvement and evolution. Our ISO certifications examine the whole lifecycle, from development to delivery and beyond, ensuring that all processes, policies and systems are of high quality and that the importance of preserving this quality is embedded throughout Tollring.

“It’s not just about gaining credibility and our customers’ trust; it is about ensuring that we have the very best mechanisms in place to deliver on our promises around data security and service quality.”

ISO 27001 concerns robust management of security assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted by third parties. The processes are designed to ensure business continuity and best security practices.

The ISO 9001 standard specifies requirements for a quality management system, including the continual improvement of support processes, a customer focus, processes, and factual decision-making.