Utelogy launches high availability solution

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Utelogy Corporation, a provider of control, monitoring and analytics software for workspace management, has released High Availability, a new component of its software system that works in the background to eliminate single points of failure.

This is achieved through using N+1 architecture to provide redundancy across geolocated datacenters, promoting responsiveness, and ensuring continuous uptime for the company’s enterprise customer base.

“As many of the world’s largest organisations contemplate what their 2021 ‘post-Covid’ workplace will look like, one thing has become abundantly clear and that is that the meeting spaces must be able to replicate the levels of reliability and usability their employees have enjoyed from their personal devices whilst working from home,” explained Jonathan Mangnall, managing director, EMEA, Utelogy. “To achieve this they are increasingly turning to Utelogy to provide unparalleled levels of equipment and platform insight via our platform.”

The company says that High Availability (HA) has been developed as a direct response to soaring customer demand and to support global deployments and the needs of some the world’s largest Managed Service Providers. HA ensures the blue-chip F500 organisations using the Utelogy platform to manage and monitor mission-critical Workplace technology achieve maximum productivity and reliability.