£11,000 Can Buy You Friends

A city executive was stung with an £11,000 roaming bill after his wife downloaded four episodes of the sitcom Friends whilst he was abroad on business.
According to the Telegraph, the wife set the episodes to download in the background using his Vodafone mobile broadband service which would have been free if downloaded in the UK. The download paused as the exec travelled, but resumed once he landed in Germany switching to a roaming tariff.

The excessive bill was only discovered once the exec landed back in Blighty and Vodafone called his company to warn him.

A Vodafone spokeswoman claimed that there were some "factual inaccuracies" in The Telegraph story. "In cases like this we make every effort to contact the customer in case of fraud," she said.

Vodafone refused to comment on individual cases but said that they will attempt to reach a settlement with customers where very large bills are concerned.

This will be more ammunition in the argument against high roaming charges. EU Commissioner  Viviane Reding has vowed to cut roaming charges and given networks until July 1st to act, promising action if nothing is done by then.

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