20:20 MOBILE

20:20 MOBILE

Steve Sanghera, Sales Director



Weston Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6BU

Congratulations on winning the most innovative Channel Product (Mobility Solution) at the Comms Business Awards, for TrackTech’s eMerit application! How do you feel about the Award, and what is it about this solution that made it a winner?

We knew eMerit was a great product and we recognised its huge potential when we signed up as a distributor. It’s the only product of its kind available, its simple to use and low cost so we were confident that the product would do well. To get official recognition through the awards proves what an innovative and unique product it is. As a distributor we think this comes at a great time for the mobile channel. it offers opportunities for additional revenue

whilst delivering a compelling service for the business customer. It’s a great product to attract new customers and more importantly retain existing customers.


What are the key areas your business concentrates on distributing?

As a business we are very channel focused. We have dedicated sales, support and marketing teams aligned by individual sales channels. Working this way we know we deliver the best products and services to meet the needs of customers be it for business or consumer markets.

Within the independent channel we are focussed on revolutionising the way dealers do business with 20:20. We have just launched the new Partner Portal which can save dealers time and effort, putting all common tasks and information at the click of a mouse.


What is your company’s USP?

We deliver genuine value added services that create partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We don’t just deliver products; we can plan ranges, develop marketing executions, customise the proposition and support our customers at every stage of the product lifecycle .

Dealers becoming a partner get access to 20:20’s Partner Portal, the most comprehensive of its kind available. We built the portal ourselves based on feedback from customers. So we’re absolutely confident that customers will get value from it, from simplifying purchasing, to managing accounts and arranging returns. A key USP is also the ease of information; the Portal contains comprehensive information on all products including roadmaps of new releases.


Where are you investing in or expanding your portfolio?

20:20 invests heavily in making sure our portfolio is optimised against what’s happening in the market and key consumer trends, so our customers can buy products from us in confidence. Particular areas of growth include our smartphone, automotive and applications portfolios. Through the Partner Portal our customers can also get the latest market insight information giving the customer first hand access to analysis and commentary on the latest trends.


What is your view of the past year in distribution?

20:20 has had a great 12 months and has seen growth and market share gains in our key channels. Where we have succeeded most is where we have used our valueadded services.


What are the hot trends going forward for products you distribute?

Converged services will continue to enrich the customer experience and allow us to build new propositions. Although not new, mobile email devices continue to be in demand, and increasingly though consumer channels.


Do you think dealers should polish their acts in any particular area, to increase sales?

The dealer channel continues to be a very adaptive channel. Those that are thriving are those that are able to retain customers by focussing on service. 20:20 is working hard to revolutionise the way dealers do business with us by minimising wasted time and enhancing service to their customers. Our new Partner Portal puts customers in control with online purchasing, centralised information and simplification of common tasks online like managing accounts and processing returns.


What are the opportunities for dealers in mobile applications?

There are massive opportunities, not just in terms of new revenue, but also being able to create bespoke solutions that their customer will want to keep way beyond their airtime contract. 20:20 can offer dealers access to a huge portfolio of applications, even preconfigured devices.


How do you see the distribution market in the UK shaking up over the next two years? Will there be consolidation, or changes in focuses for companies? What will the distribution landscape look like in 2011?

There will almost certainly be more consolidation, with the distributors that can offer value and service surviving and thriving. As a business we believe our value added services and IT solutions are first class.


Handsets: Nokia – BlackBerry – LG Sony Ericsson – Acer – Motorola

Accessories: Nokia – BlackBerry – LG Sony Ericsson – Acer – Motorola – Jabra Tracker – IO

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