3 means business

3 has for the first time come up with a proposition for the smaller business.
The new offer from 3 includes two new handsets with QWERTY keyboards, a

range of new services including push email, and what it describes as the best value in inclusive data allowance – “removing the need for a separate email device”.

The handsets are the Nokia E61 Symbian smartphone and the Windows-based QTEK 9000.

Mobile Office Mail is 3’s push email service, allowing customers to have their emails delivered from their mail server to their 3G handsets exactly as they would on their PCs. The service supports Exchange and Lotus email, and no system integration is required. Mobile Office Mail, enabling retrieval of Exchange, includes 15MB of data per month for £5.

Another package, Mobile Mail, is available for ordinary POP 3 email accounts – which is what most of us have from an ISP, and will therefore meet the needs of most small business users. This one includes 10MB of data per month for £2.50.

Graeme Oxby, Marketing Director for 3 UK, said: “This shows that one device from 3 can provide mobile office functionality on top of the value of our voice and text offer. Email is critical for many businesses and 3’s advanced network can deliver the service to mobile devices, offering unbeatable performance and exceptional value.”

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