3G spend higher for operator portals

3G raises adoption of applications and increases overall data services spending, according to Telephia.

A report from the market analysts shows that 3G users in the UK are much more active than non-3G users. Predictably enough, that applies especially for those mobile activities which are most suited to 3G, such as video clip downloads and streaming TV.

The Telephia UK 3G Report also shows that 3G subscribers spend more on services – an average of £43 per month on voice and data services, against £29 for non-3G subscribers.

Over half (56%) of 3G users accessed their mobile operator’s portal for content, while 45% of non-3G users logged onto their operator’s portal. More than one-third of 3G subscribers used their operator’s portal exclusively, another 49% accessed mobile data content via both the operator portal and off-portal sites.

Operators’ portals also attract more of the 3G money than off-portal sites. Users who are active on their operator’s portal spend £2 more per month on data services than 3G users.

Activity                                        3G     Non-3G
Internet browsing                     56%     39%
Video clip downloads             35%     11%
Video messaging                    34%     11%
Video calling                            35%     na
Game downloads                    34%     21%
Full-track music                        32%    11%
Streaming TV                           10%    1%
Online game-playing              8%      5%

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