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Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset
UD Price: from £35
These fashionable headphones enable you to listen to your mobile phones music wirelessly at your preferred volume.  The large earpieces ensure maximum comfort and security with superb sound quality.  Switch effortlessly between music and calls using the easy feel buttons on the headphones. They even have a unique foldable design for compact storage when not in use.  To stream stereo music to these top of the range headphones your mobile phone must be A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) compatible.

  • Up to 660 mins talktime
  • Up to 150 hrs standby
  • Weight 68g

Nokia BH-500 Bluetooth Headset
UD Price: from £60

Feels good, sounds great. Take calls and listen to music in comfort with this modern style wireless headset which comes with a wireless audio adapter so you can enjoy digital music stored on your compatible phone, music player, PC, or PDA.  Choose from three different earplug sizes with the included high-quality stereo headset or plug in your own headphones with 3.5mm jack.  The strong clip and sturdy, splash proof design means it won’t be affected by drops of rain or rapid movement – making it great for the avid jogger – especially with a music play time of 8 hours.

  • Up to 480 mins talktime
  • Up to 150 hrs standby
  • Weight 40g

Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset
UD Price: from £39

Intelligent, versatile and elegant – the Nokia BH-900 is an ideal handsfree solution for those looking for quality, style and clarity. With the latest technology, including digital signal processing and a sliding boom, this headset delivers superior performance. The Nokia BH-900 makes a great companion for those in business who demand quality whilst on the move. This will be very popular with field sales staff.

  • Up to 480 mins talktime
  • Up to 180 hrs standby
  • Weight 18g

Nokia Handsfree Bundle Pack –
Nokia HH-12 Suction Mount, Nokia CR-39 Universal Mobile Holder and Nokia HF-35W Plug-in Car Handsfree
UD Price: from £52

A perfect car legal solution for handsfree calls on the move. This value for money bundle pack includes 1) the Nokia HH-12 mount which attaches by suction to your windscreen or dashboard without screws or mess, and can easily be moved from car to car. 2) the CR-39 fits onto the suction mount and is universally compatible with most Nokia mobile phones and 3) the HF35W Bluetooth plug-in speaker ensures you are heard loud and clear. 3 products that provide a long term investment and offer a legal handsfree solution.

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705 Bluetooth Headset
UD Price: from £25

The most outstanding feature of this classic designed product is that it provides an impressive 12 hrs of talktime – which is an outstanding achievement for a competitively priced 14g product.

The popular pen shape form factor offers fantastic performance and excellent value for money. This product will gain mass market appeal.

  • Up to 720 mins talktime
  • Up to 300 hrs standby
  • Weight 14g

Sony Ericsson HCB-100 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone
UD Price: from £45

Safety meets high performance. The HCB-100 doesn’t need any installation – with the sturdy clip you can easily attach it to or remove it from the visor of any car you’re in, making it a truly portable handsfree solution. It’s equally simple to use because it connects automatically to your mobile phone wirelessly through the colour ID feature. Easily distinguishable buttons allow you to handle calls without losing your focus on the traffic. The HCB-100 has clear digital sound and extremely high performance with up to 20 hours talktime. Digital noise cancellation and echo reduction ensures you can be heard loud and clear. The compact size allows you to detach it and take it with you after getting out of the car. It can also serve as a convenient desk phone for a conference style meeting in your office or home.

Sony Ericsson MDS-60 Music Desk Stand
UD Price: from £38

If you are serious about sound quality, the Walkman® branded Music Desk Stand is for you. This superbly designed docking station lets you share your favourite phone based music with a whole group of people. Compact and slim, yet with a very rich sound, makes this the perfect centrepiece for your table. With speaker covers available in orange and white, the MDS-60 can be dressed to match your mood. Just put your music phone in the cradle and pump up the volume.

Motorola DC800 Home Stereo Adapter
UD Price: from £TBC

Open up a free flow gateway of music between your home stereo and mobile and vice versa. Best of all save yourself from a mass of wires as this compact unit pairs your devices together via Bluetooth with one touch. You can even link your home stereo system to your Bluetooth stereo headset using the adapter so you can dance away to your hearts content in your own private music world. The DC800 offers a unique range of up to 100m (yes, 100 metres!). So you can even take a stroll down the garden without breaking the link. Two way stereo functionality also allows you to receive and stream content to and from other devices.

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