Jentro Technologies has brought its activepilot satnav system for mobile phones to the UK: Initially Carphone Warehouse has an exclusive on it, but wider distribution is promised.
activepilot is a Java app plus Bluetooth GPS receiver that turns the mobile phone into a handy navigation device. It promises accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions in combination with navigation arrows, scalable maps, real time traffic information to avoid traffic jams and safety camera alerts.
It works on more than 100 different handsets across all mobile operator networks and major phone operating systems – indeed, there are deals to preinstall activepilot on a number of new phones (it’s the location software built into BenQ Siemens’ M81 sporty phone, for example). It can also been downloaded and installed by a user, though the website at wasn’t working when we tried. A variety of payment options include pay-per-journey to monthly or yearly flat-rate subscriptions, activepilot claims market leadership in its segment in Germany with something around half a million units sold. At CeBIT in March it announced a collection of routes for counties outside Germany.
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