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"He’s prompt, he understands our business model, and he knows his job. He has extensive industry experience, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Oh, and he always rings you back – a rarity in this industry. Top bloke
all round."
Jonathon Turner
Director, MPC Media


Q    How long have you worked for Fonesure?
Two and a half years.

Q    What was your first paid employment?
Pet shop assistant.

Q    What made you move into the mobile phone industry?
It was 16 years ago, and it was an emerging, innovative industry that looked like it was going to be big. I was right!

Q    What is the best aspect about your job?
Meeting different types of people and no two days being the same.

Q    What is the worst aspect?
Sitting in traffic, and especially the moving roadworks on the motorways.

Q    What is the best sales incentive you have ever won?
A trip to New York.

Q    If you could suggest an incentive what would it be?
World Cup Final tickets – because I want to be there when England win.

Q    What do you like most about the mobile industry?
The people, and how the industry is constantly changing and presenting new challenges.

Q    What do you like least?

Q    If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
Lose the continual changes by the networks in their commission structures.

Q    If you could design a mobile handset what functions would it have?
The ability to send holograms (so that I can be in two places at once).

Q    If you could capture any image and send as a picture message what would it be, who would you send it to, and why?
Watford winning the playoffs and getting promotion to the Premiership, sent to everyone I know. Why? Because I wouldn’t be able to talk as my voice would have disappeared through cheering.
(must be psychic – get ready for the pics! ED)

Q    If you were a mobile phone what would you be and why?
A PEBL – smooth and stylish like me!

Q    What handset do you currently use?
Blackberry 8700.

Q    If you were a ringtone, what would you be and why?
The Mission Impossible theme – because that’s what my diary reminds me of and yet I manage to fit it all in!

Q    Who inspires you and why?
Richard Branson: he shakes up industries that are set in their ways and finds a new way to do things that’s refreshing for the consumer. Or Alan Sugar – boy next door made good.

Q    What ringtone do you currently use?
The standard blackberry ringtone.

Q    What is your favourite game on your mobile phone?

Q    What type of music do you listen to when travelling around in the car?
A bit of everything – rock, soul, jazz, R’n’B

Q    What would your dream occupation be?
Head of Recruitment for a lap-dancing club: do I need to say why?

Q    What do you think about being awarded DM of the month?
It’s a great achievement. Fabulous to be recognised by the people that make my job worthwhile!


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