Alexander’s Future is Bright

Tom Alexander has been in the hotseat at Orange for a few days and he’s starting to get things the way he wants them with some additions to the Executive Management Team.
"It’s great to be taking up the post as chief executive of, what I believe is one of the best mobile businesses in the world. Like anyone starting a new job, I’m optimistic and excited about the future… keen to get to grips with the workings of the company as fast as possible." said Alexander.

"My task is to make Orange even more successful than it’s been in the past. I intend to work with you to revitalise and re-energise the organisation, to reshape it around our customers, to make it more vibrant, compelling, competitive and more profitable. I want to see Orange brighter than ever."

Part of the reshaping involves bringing new people on board.

Andrew Ralston and Gerry McQuade will, respectively, chair the newly-formed Operations and Development Boards (which has been set up to help manage the business more efficiently), while Steven Day will be responsible for Communications and Culture.

Their task is to see Orange UK revitalised, reinvigorated, and refreshed. "I want to see us thrive, succeed and compete even more effectively" says Alexander.

Here’s a bit more detail about what they’ll do:

Andrew Ralston, Chief Operations Officer, will chair the new Operations Board, responsible for ensuring Orange UK’s competitiveness and the successful day-to-day running of the business.

Gerry McQuade, Chief Development Officer, will chair the Development Board. This board will be responsible for ensuring we have clearly defined, integrated and communicated priorities. It will also ensure Orange maintain its position as the "most innovative, customer-focused and cost effective business in the mobile and converged market place".

Steven Day, Chief of Staff & Communications, is responsible for communications and culture across all of Orange’s UK operations.

"I’ve worked with Andrew, Gerry and Steven before – we were colleagues at Virgin Mobile together. With the rest of the senior management and myself, they will be helping set a new agenda for our business, to ensure its future competitive role in the UK market." said Alexander.

"The more time I spend with people at Orange, the more I feel a desire to make a difference. I want to unlock the massive potential that’s evident here at Orange and, quite simply, become the best communications company in the UK. "

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