All I Want for Christmas

Record-your-own ringtone service Sington this week unveiled the Christmas songs people will sing and send to mobiles as unique ‘virtual stocking-fillers’.
The Singtone service lets you record yourself singing a favourite song, enhances your voice and mixes it professionally with the backing track. Even if you’re tone-deaf, you’ll sound like a pro: in-tune and in-time. The system will also automatically score your voice, and you and your friends can listen to and rate each other’s performances.

But here’s the best bit: you can send your Singtone to loved ones’ mobiles as a personalised Christmas greeting, which they can set to play when you phone them. Friends can share Singtones with each other and kids can make ones for their parents’ phones.

Singtones are free to create and cost just £1.50 to send to mobile phones. The Christmas Singtones available include karaoke classics like Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’.

The high-tech company behind Singtones – Synchro Arts Limited – provides the voice alignment technology used in audio production for Hollywood blockbusters and pop music hits worldwide.

Synchro Arts believe Singtones is a great gift idea for everyone because they’re personal, can be sent at the last minute and are very inexpensive.

‘Everyone likes presents that require a bit of effort, and are very personal,’ says Singtones boss Jeff Bloom. ‘Singtones meet these criteria and, as a bonus, cost less than a pint of lager. Ladies love hearing their boyfriends or husbands singing to them, and it’s even more romantic when it’s in tune every time they call.’

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