BlackBerry 8820’s Faulty

A reliable industry source exclusively reveals that whole shipments of BlackBerry 8820’s have been returned as ‘fails’. RIM quality control rushes around the country attempting to track down the fault.

Our exclusive industry source claims that an entire shipment of BlackBerry 8820’s, after passing RIM quality control prior to dispatch, have all failed due to faulty BlueTooth.

Questions are sure to be asked of the BlackBerry QC team after all devices in the shipment searches for visible BlueTooth connections forever, the potential security risks associated with an ‘always on and visible’ BlueTooth connection are obvious and due to the nature of the product expose business users, often with confidential or business critical data, to unwanted attention from ‘blue jackers’ and virus threats.

Ironically, the heads count of the quality control team at BlackBerry will be dramatically reduced over the coming weeks as they rush around the country tracking down the units and faults.

We’d hope it’s not the same team that let them through in the first place.

Have your customers complained about BlueTooth problems? Comment below and we’ll make sure your messages get to those who need to know…

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