Bulk messaging from Carphone Warehouse

Messaging Solutions from Carphone Warehouse is a new service for its growing base of business customers. Based on SpinVox software, it enables the user to plan, schedule and send personalised messages directly to mobile phones.

Customers will be able to manage their own campaigns without having to wait for systems to update or pay for an agency to do it for them. They will still have access to messaging specialists at CPW.

“This is all about exploiting the best out of today’s available technology to make doing business easier” said Christina Domecq, CEO of SpinVox. “It’s often quicker, more appropriate and certainly cheaper to communicate with customers via text. SMS has crossed the chasm from a consumer to a business offering.”

Andrew Harrison, UK Chief Executive of Carphone Warehouse, concurred: “Up until now anyone looking for a text-based messaging platform would have been restricted to either basic systems with limited flexibility, which often require continuous development work, or expensive marketing campaigns from specialist mobile agencies”.

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