Vodafone is aiming to have 24 new HSDPA-enabled 3G devices available for Christmas. They include a couple of LG handsets – a first for Vodafone – and this one, Vodafone’s first own-branded 3G handset.
The Vodafone 710 is being built to the network’s specification by China’s Huawei. The two companies signed a strategic alliance in February 2006; Vodafone says the 710 is part of a strategy to leverage its purchasing power with Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and match established handset brands on quality, technology and on price with the strength of the Vodafone brand.
It should also help boost 3G take-up “due to the lower cost per handset and the fact that the Vodafone 710 will be offered on prepay as well as contract”. Consumers get an MP3 music player, a 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth, plus easy access to core Vodafone services including Radio DJ, Mobile TV, and Vodafone live! with 3G.

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