Dextra has signed an interesting distribution deal with low cost roaming provider Awayphone

“International SIM agreements, sold separately to a user’s regular phone contract, represent a great add-on market opportunity for mobile resellers because they can be sold at any time on top of existing contracts,” said Angie Simpson, Sales Director for Dextra Solutions, “AwayPhone’s offering is unique and fits easily into our reseller channel."

AwayPhone offers low cost roaming, and also provides a local number in the country visited to assist with building relationships in the region. Calls to usual fixed and mobile numbers are diverted to the AwayPhone handset so regular contacts do not need to change their dialling information.

AwayPhone appeals because it can route overseas mobile calls more cheaply than mainstream operators. “We also add really useful features such as local country numbers, re-routing of your home mobile and landlines, plus a single catch-all voicemail,” said AwayPhone CEO Sherry Madera. “It’s a great opportunity for dealers to offer something new to their travelling customers.”

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