Discount calling via the web

Business travellers who resent the high cost of roaming could do worse than check out the JAJAH Mobile Web.

With one click, anyone with a web-enabled mobile phone can get free or low cost calls to anywhere in the world.

There are no downloads, no installations, no capital outlay for new equipment – and no contracts. Instead you surf to the specially designed mobile web page, choose which number you want to call from (home, mobile, work, or even a hotel room), and enter the number you wish to call. Your phone will then ring and you’re automatically connected – and you’re talking on a normal phone at a fraction of the cost. It even works when you’re abroad.

Calls are free to another JAJAH user. Otherwise you pay 9.2p to call from a mobile to a landline or another mobile. Calling from a landline is 1.5p.

There’s also an interesting conference call facility. You can schedule and initiate conference calls with up to ten other people; there’s total transparency on costs, because the exact rate for the call is always shown next to the “Call” button on the website; no costs at all will arise for the other conference call participants.

“With JAJAH Mobile Web we will revolutionise international mobile calling by making it fast, easy and most importantly, very low cost,” said Daniel Mattes, JAJAH’s co-founder.

“With JAJAH Mobile Web you don’t even need a computer in your room, which is great news if you’re on the go or at your friend´s place and you want the benefit of cheap calls without getting stung by roaming costs.”

It really is simple – try it. Registering for free at and then go to to start calling.

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