DIY Mobile Network

A new company in the US is giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to create their own MVNO. Sonopia reckon anyone can create and start marketing a mobile service in 15 minutes or less for free.
No longer the monopoly of massive international telecoms companies, church groups, sports teams, or simply groups of friends can start their own mobile network.

Sonopia’s mission is to provide every organisation, group or individual with the opportunity to create branded mobile service and build a unique mobile and web community of supporters and members.

The networks will run on Verizon, and will be branded with whatever name you choose. Sonopia take care of all the back-end stuff like sending out bills, and customer service.

Sonopia provides a content management system and templates to allow users to create relevant content much like the social networking site MySpace.

Best of all, the organisation behind each network will receive a percentage of the revenue generated, meaning that callers can be safe in the knowledge they are supporting their organisation just by gabbing on the phone.

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