Evesham Technology Ltd releases new 5-in-1 navigation device, the Evesham NavCam 7500.

The Evesham NavCam 7500 offers precise door-to-door satellite navigation with the inclusion of the AA’s new AA Navigator 2006 software.
It also features:

  • Directional and speed sensitive speed camera alerts.
  • MP3 digital music playback and a digital photo slide show viewer.
  • TMC – Traffic Message Channel

Getting from A to B is not always plain sailing and your journey more often than not can be affected by unforeseeable road changes such as accidents or traffic jams. The new TMC, broadcasting real-time traffic alerts, is now available to help limit delays to your journey, which in the past has been almost unavoidable. Utilising the optional TMC FM receiver and licence available for the new NavCam 7500; which covers 95% of the UK road network and includes the following categories of traffic alerts: accidents, information (such as slow moving traffic), traffic-jams and construction/road works, you can be constantly updated along your journey of any delays ahead of you and can instantly choose to automatically adjust your route accordingly, helping you to avoid waiting endlessly in long traffic jams or getting lost finding alternative routes around road works.

Using the latest Navteq mapping covering both, the UK and the Republic of Ireland (which require no activation), the NavCam 7500 delivers optimal routing for any distance. Full screen 2D and 3D maps with precise male or female voice guidance (including road numbers) guide you safely and quickly to wherever your final destination may be with the added bonus of a fantastic, landscape, 3D navigation display which provides an excellent overview of the roads you are taking as well as the road names. The Evesham NavCam 7500’s intuitive menus and touch screen buttons for easy finger input help make what may seem like a daunting task, straight forward for even the most techno-phobic user.

Featuring a 7 digit postal code search facility and an instant address retrieval feature, which efficiently retrieves points of interest (such as hotels and restaurants) and favourites (such as your home or work address) previously searched, the NavCam 7500 makes routing and travelling a journey simpler than ever before… however, just in case mistakes or wrong turns do occur along your journey, the NavCam 7500 will instantly re-route you to get you heading back in the right direction, eliminating the stress associated with getting lost; or confused, that could otherwise result in bad decision making.

The NavCam 7500 also comes with visual and audible Speed Camera Alerts that are both directional and speed sensitive as standard (UK only) alerting you of all speed camera types, ensuring you are aware and safe when driving through known accident black spots. This level of sophistication in reporting speed cameras is normally only available in dedicated devices that can cost as much or more than the NavCam does without all its extra functionality.

If you’re not a map reader but are daunted by the thought of technology, Evesham’s new NavCam 7500 satellite navigation device including the AA Navigator software is your perfect travel partner, taking you wherever you want to go.

The new NavCam 7500 is available immediately at £249.99 for the standard version and £299.99 for the TMC version.

Display: 3.5” LCD TFT, 320 x 240 Resolution, 64,000 colours, Touch screen
CPU: Samsung S3C2410A 266MHz
Memory: 64MB SDRAM / 32MB Flash ROM
SD Card: 256MB Supplied (Supports up to 2GB)
GPS: Integrated 12 channel GPS-receiver Based on SirfII
Audio: Integrated speaker / Headphone socket
Battery: Lithium Ion 1000 mAh / Maximum 4 hours charge time / up to 2 hours usage in full Navigation Mode
Dimensions: 130 x 74 x 21.8mm
Weight: 191g

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