Faisal on Your Box

Don’t touch that dial folks, you saw it right, that’s Faisal – our beloved Faisal – and yes, he is making and starring in his own shows, on his brand new channel  Love Your Mobile.
It’s YouTube, it’s phone focused and it’s Faisal Sheikh the Fone Doctor and Mobile Business Columnist. So what’s it all in aid of? Well he’ll tell you there is an educational reason for demonstrating phone models, he’ll tell you there’s a massive marketable audience on YouTube but mostly he’ll tell you what he really loves about it – a camera, microphone and audience!

The pilot episode is available in 2 parts and is all about exploring the iphone, and Mobile TV. They take to the streets for interviews and hold round table love-it or hate-it discussions, and Faisal has big plans for future content.

You can catch it here

Faisal is the first to admit that there is an air of cheesiness surrounding the pilot episode, and I think a lot of it’s put on to develop a rapport, and as clumsy as it comes across, it has several endearing qualities that make you warm to it, including lovable Faisal and his 50 a day Jaffa Cake habit. We think it’s great and wish him luck with his latest endeavour.

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