Fone Logistics promotes low-cost internet calls

Fone Logistics has joined forces with mobile communications provider, aql, to promote aql’s VoIP to users of Nokia Eseries phones – free calls via broadband, routed through aql’s VoIP network wherever there is an accessible WiFi hotspot. 
This will offer subscribers the possibility of escaping from the high charges of International roaming and the associated uncertainty regarding call rates.

The process requires the user to simply text the word ‘Nokia’ to a dedicated shortcode from their mobile phone. This automatically provides the handset with all the settings it needs and registers the customer’s mobile number with the service for its user to start making VoIP calls.

Julien Parven, Director of marketing at the distributor says, “Increasingly businesses are becoming more reliant on being flexible through the capabilities of their mobile phone. There are already products on the market designed to encourage people to conduct business whilst on the move with mobile email and office solutions, so the next logical step is to improve flexibility, whilst dramatically reducing international telecommunication costs and increasing productivity.”

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