Fring brings free mobile VOIP to Symbian S60

fring has officially launched the free mobile VoIP service for Symbian S60 devices that we saw previewed at 3GSM.

fring is a light downloadable mobile phone application (go to for you copy) that lets anyone with a compatible handset make free calls, send free texts and chat for free with other fring users or Skype, Google Talk and MSN contacts.
fring uses 3G networks, so ‘fringsters’ simply use the data within their existing contract or prepay agreement. There are no subscription costs for fring itself.

The service can also connect over WiFi, in which case the calls consume neither voice nor data airtime.

Boaz Zilberman, fring’s co-founder and Chief Architect, described his baby as “a break for freedom for users who demand real mobile independence and who want to leverage the power and freedom of the Internet from their mobile phones, roaming freely between wireless network operators (GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi) and enjoying the benefits of multiple IM providers (Skype, Google Talk and MSN Messenger)”.

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