Garmin – Another Mobile Sat-Nav

Garmin the GPS guys have launched what they call a ‘unique’, all-in-one software solution turning a limited number of smartphones into Tom-Toms or Co-Pilots.

It’s called Garmin Mobile XT, it’s relatively cheap at sub £60, they say it’s the bees knees and they’re giving away safety camera alerts free for first three months after which update subscription charges apply.

If you want to know how ‘Garmin Mobile XT is an easy-to-use, affordable, with no monthly charges (except for the monthly subscription charge after three months)’ talk to Garmin.

Garmin’s Mobile Product Manager, Greg Stephenson seems to know what he’s talking about, so you might want to ask for him when you call.

Garmin Mobile doesn’t work with all phones, but Windows Mobile, Palm and S60 v3 OS’s are a good start.

Surprisingly enough they haven’t given us any software to test – do you think we’re bitter?

( Want to send product for test? Email )

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