Samsung Jet


Samsung Jet

Another fat black slab from Samsung, this is the Jet, a full touchscreen smartphone. This handset is all about speed; the Jet is the fastest full-touch phone on the market, boasting an 800MHz processor, rather than the 600MHz that the majority of high end devices contain.

Samsung wants to make the surfing experience simple and powerful. Samsung’s Dolfin internet browser is designed to let users surf the net and access popular websites, especially social networking sites, with ease and speed. The browser enhances the experience by allowing users to view up to five web pages simultaneously and bookmark their favourite websites as widgets on the phone’s homepage. There’s also a built in adblocker, multiple downloading and background downloading feature, and multi-purpose address field.

The Jet also supports the latest smartphone features which include multitask manager and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. It has a 16M WVGA AMOLED display (3.1 inch) that provides a resolution that is four times higher than a WQVGA screen.

The device will be supported by a £5 million advertising campaign, ‘Impatience is a Virtue’. The campaign will run during July and August, encouraging users to get impatient and demand more from their handsets. And why not? Nothing more irritating than waiting for a web page to download!


Samsung M8910 Pixon12

Snap happy with this Samsung wunderkind; this is the world’s first 12 megapixel camera phone, available in the UK now. It’s also a full touchscreen phone, ticking one more box on the list and showing that those mobile developers in Korea are plugged directly into the consumer zeitgeist.

The Samsung Pixon12 enables users to take perfect pictures quickly and easily, thanks to a dedicated camera power key which gives users fast one touch access to the camera function; much simpler than trying to click through various screens while the subject to be clicked runs off into the distance.

Once the camera is turned on, users can point and shoot, capturing images as fast as today’s advanced digital cameras, Samsung claims. The Samsung Pixon12 also features fast image saving, so users can move to their next shot within around two seconds.

The phone also provides the best photo quality by adopting innovative camera features. With touch auto focus tracking, users can simply select focus points with the touch of a finger, after which the auto focus function will follow the object, keeping it in focus even as it moves across the screen.

Samsung M8910

Sony Ericsson C901 Greenheart

It’s got ‘green’ and ‘heart’ in the title, but no, it’s not a Care Bear, it’s a phone. The Sony Ericsson C901 Greenheart is a five megapixel camera mobile phone that is packed full of green innovations to reduce the overall environmental impact of the phone, without compromising on style.

The first GreenHeart pioneer product to be launched by Sony Ericsson, the C901 GreenHeart includes an in-phone manual replacing the standard paper version. Recycled plastics, an energy efficient display and waterborne paint mean that the overall CO² emissions of the phone are decreased by 15%.

The C901 Greenheart also includes the Sony Ericsson WalkMate application, that allows the user to compare footsteps taken to the equivalent journey travelled by car, showing how much CO² is saved.

As well as being ecologically friendly, this handset includes a built-in Xenon flash, face detection for group shots and Smile Shutter to ensure you never snap a frown by mistake.

Sony Ericsson C901

Sony Ericsson Naite

The Naite is the next handset due out from Sony Ericsson under the Greenheart banner, this one set to arrive on our sunny shores during the third quarter.

This simple device allows direct access to favourites and high speed internet, phone book, camera and messaging. It’s aimed at people who need to juggle ‘life, work and family’, with a conscience; like the C901 Greenheart, the Naite also includes an electronic, in-phone manual replacing the standard paper version, saving over 90% in paper, while providing convenient access to the product support guide. The e-manual also reduces the impact of transporting the final product through more compact packaging.

Made from a minimum of 50% recycled plastics, Naite includes a low-power charger, one of the most energy efficient to be introduced onto the market. Thanks to these innovations, the overall CO² footprint of Naite is reduced by 15%.

Naite also includes an Ecomate application to help users make greener choices in their everyday lives, plus a carbon footprint calculator to show users just how much CO2 they are saving when they walk instead of taking the car. It also supports HSDPA, high speed browsing and download.

Sony Ericsson Naite
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