Initially known as a BlackBerry-based application, hand-e-pix quickly became available across a whole range of camera and GPS-equipped smartphone devices and gives remote workers the ability to capture photographs alongside an accurate GPS location and contextual data. The app will then automatically update a back office database that stores the images, along with a time and date stamp, user identification and geographic information system (GIS) overlay, providing reliable evidence of the photo’s details.

Traffic wardens

This application is primarily targeting local government organisations that face the need to be able to quickly record a scene at a specific moment in time in order to provide accurate and evidential records. However, in theory, there is absolutely no reason why the target market has to be limited to this vertical market as it can be deployed by any business that has a similar requirement by virtue of the way that they operate.

The thought process behind the primary target audience is because local government officials may need to record environmental crimes, or to quickly capture when and where an incident has taken place. Compliance inspectors may want to record evidence they find and officials may also need to monitor the standard and performance of maintenance contractors in a variety of

possible situations.


Stamp out crime

Local Government is heavily regulated and in order to comply with relevant legislation, such as Heath and Safety standards, this kind of indepth audit trail is a statutory requirement. In these and many other scenarios, photographic evidence needs to be validated by a reliable time and location stamp source in order to be of use.

Using the solution, local authorities can promote more reliable and quicker issue resolution across the board, and this can then deliver evidence of the improved service levels that businesses are obliged to produce in these increasingly challenging economic times.

World Wide Web visit http://www.hand-e-pix.com/
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