Hypertag tool for location-specific UGC

Proximity marketing company Hypertag has launched a new gismo that allows consumers to upload user-generated content from their mobile via Bluetooth.

The Upload Hypertag will be used by brands to capture user generated content for marketing campaigns, says Hypertag. “For example, visitors to a gig or festival could be encouraged to upload their pictures or videos to an Upload Hypertag where they could then be fed onto a big screen display.

Rachel Harker, co-founder of Hypertag, said: “Upload Hypertag is about taking the UGC phenomenon and making it available away from the web … Brands will be able to invite consumers to submit UGC in a way that’s locationally relevant, easy to use and, most importantly, free to the end user.

“By enabling the instantaneous, locationally specific upload of UGC without the cost or complication of SMS or MMS systems, the new Upload Hypertag unit promises to give a massive boost to the use of UGC activity at events and experiential marketing promotions.”

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