Introducing TotalE Connected

Introducing TotalE Connected

Iain Shearman, Kcom Sales
Iain Shearman, Kcom Sales Director, Partner Services

Helping you maximise business from growing bandwidth demands

There has been a lot of talk and hype about 21CN. The fact is, it is a reality, and as a result of Kcom’s unique partnership with BT, we can help you take advantage of it. With the largest network reach in the UK, Kcom can offer leading connectivity propositions giving you competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Bandwidth demand is increasing all the time and it is vital that organisations can easily and quickly meet these requirements, and have confidence that the network is flexible and reliable.

21CN frees up the way services are delivered and provides the intelligence in the network infrastructure ensuring scalable, highly available and cost-effective connectivity solutions. It really is the platform for the future – putting the control back in your hands as opposed to the network dictating what happens.

Kcom is working with BT to deliver 21CN services now so you can deliver leading-edge services to your customers cost-effectively.

We’d like to introduce you to TotalE ConnectedTM – a family of Ethernet solutions from Kcom, designed to help you deliver whitelabelled network services to your customers throughout the UK. With its wide range of different network options including managed carrier services, MPLS, leased line, DSL and Ethernet Hubs, users can benefit from a secure network solution tailored precisely to their needs. Whatever the challenges, the right connectivity solution is available for everyone.


For example, Ethernet Hubs enable locations, not usually well served by Next Generation Network Services, to scale up their bandwidth without sacrificing connection. This means that you, as the partner, can take control and provide innovative solutions to the market in the knowledge that the network is there to support them.


A fully tailored network

We appreciate every business is different. TotalE Connected enables you to deliver a fully tailored network solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of each business without adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You can offer a secure and reliable network whilst ensuring customers are treated as individuals.

The demand for bandwidth–hungry applications is always growing. According to recent research commissioned by Kcom, 92% of businesses expect the demand on bandwidth by applications to increase over the next five years. Modern working practices such as flexible and mobile working mean that employees rely on applications including video conferencing, CRM and online sharing sites which have high bandwidth requirements. And who knows what additional applications there will be in the future? A scalable solution is needed so bandwidth performance is not affected.

And with the World Cup now upon us, many employees will want to watch it in office time. Streaming video to the PC requires large amounts of bandwidth and could slow down businesscritical applications. TotalE Connected offers the scalability to increase or decrease the amount of bandwidth as needed so customers never have to worry about the performance of their important business applications. And, equally as important, they never have to pay for what they don’t need, so the cost of network over-extension is avoided.

“Our TotalE Connected solution ensures our partners can maximise their sales opportunities and have the confidence that they are offering a reliable yet cutting-edge network with unparalleled access,” says Iain Shearman, Kcom Sales Director, Partner Services. “What’s more, it’s enabling customers to use whichever applications they want without having to worry about the impact on their network.”


What Kcom can do for you

Kcom has a strong telecoms heritage and our partnership with BT means we have the largest network reach in the UK with access to Next Generation products and services, all supported by Kcom’s industry-leading customer service.

We work with you as a true partner, understanding your business objectives and tailoring communication solutions to meet your needs.

A reliable, scalable and cost effective network, coupled with quick delivery times and high service levels will guarantee customer satisfaction and strengthen your relationships with your customers. What better way to ensure customers keep coming back for more?

Working with Kcom doesn’t just bring you the benefits associated with TotalE Connected. With the strength of Kcom’s entire portfolio, over 100 years of experience and a named account manager, we make interactions more effective, and that bit more personal. If you’re looking to grow your business you will get the support you need, and you can rely on our industry-leading customer service.

If you want to find out more about what TotalE Connected can do for your business, get in touch with Kcom on 0800 915 5163, or visit us at

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