iPhone 2 arriving in it’s millions!

It seems an order received from Apple to a Taiwanese lens maker has added to the speculation that the 3G iPhone, or version 2, is not just on the way but predicted to sell in it’s millions this summer – 5 million to be precise.

Largen Precision Co. has predicted these figures based on the components it has already shipped and the continuing order it is fulfilling in time for the summer deadlines. CENS.com, a Taiwanese economic news-based website has stated that delivery of these iPhone 2 components started this month and will be increasing throughout June.

This is helping to add fuel to the fire in terms of Apple’s 3G iPhone announcement coming from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, when he makes his keynote speech in early June. With this weeks news of a joint press conference between Apple and their network partner O2, and the recent £100 price slash of the existing phone, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the all-new, all-singing and dancing iPhone is only moments away.

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