iPhone Creates Jobs

Not Steve Jobs (would we want more than one), but roles within O2 who are recruiting 1400 new staff to cope with iPhone support as the internet goes unlimited.
Half of the 1400 new staff will be based in O2 stores showing converts how to set-up their email and take them through other cool features, the other 700 will be in O2 call centres explaining how to use the easy intuitive interface.

It also seems that new subscribers to iPhone contracts won’t be limited by a ‘fair usage’ policy and will actually get unlimited access to the internet and all it’s wares. However, other subscribers to supposed ‘unlimited’ contracts are still bound by fair use limits.

"We now appreciate that having set limits as part of the fair use policy conflicted with our objective of encouraging internet usage on the iPhone. People don’t speak in megabytes and customer feedback has been that if we say unlimited, it should be unlimited." said O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry.

Subscribers to anything other than an iPhone contract are still stuck with their 200mb useage limit, and the only difference between the O2 Web and Web Max contracts, other than the price tag, is the limit.

O2 are "currently reviewing the fair use policies on our other unlimited data offerings".

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