iPhone Unlocking Shenanigans

An iPhone could be coming to these shores earlier than expected as some clever geeks have figured out how to unlock them. However, AT&T aren’t happy and are threatening legal action.
Belfast based UniquePhone have been boasting about developing iPhone unlocking software with a view to releasing the product to the world this week.

Their party was spoiled when a legal firm claiming to be representing AT&T contacted them in the very early hours threatening legal action due to potential copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination.

Although other iPhones have been successfully unlocked, the UniquePhone solution is bar far the easiest, simply link it to the PC and hit go, making it accessible to pretty much anyone who wants to us an iPhone on whatever network they choose, including those of us over the pond.

AT&T supposedly aren’t happy with the potential loss of revenue this might cause, and are looking to put a stop to it.

Another nerdy student in the States spent much of his summer holidays leant over his iPhone with a soldering iron, to much derision from his chums. His solution involved peeling the back off a handset and soldering in an extra wire which fools the firmware.

He’s now had the last laugh as the student traded his unlocked iPhone for a Nissan 350z and a consultancy job with mobile aftermarket firm Certicell.
According to Mr. Terry Daidone, co-founder of Certicell, "We do not have any plans on the table right now to commercialize Mr. Hotz’ discovery. However, we are keenly interested in having Mr. Hotz assist our engineers in developing solutions to other software related challenges including software updating, reflashing and memory elimination of repaired and or refurbished cellular handsets".

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