It’s Not so Good to Talk for Guys

If there was ever an excuse to get your chatterbox girlfriend off the line this is it; mobile phones cause male infertility. Recent research shows that men who talk for four hours or more on a mobile phone have lower sperm counts.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) studied 364 men and discovered that the sperm count fell dramatically for those that used a mobile phone for four hours or more per day.

[Insert your own generic BenQ-Siemens Mobile joke here]

Those who did not use a mobile phone at all had sperm counts averaging 86 million per milliliter, with 68% motility, and 40% normal forms. For men who used a mobile phone for more than four hours a day, the averages were significantly lower: 66 million sperm per milliliter, 48% motility, and 21% normal forms.

The effect of cell phones on sperm may be due to the electromagnetic radiation the handsets emit or to the heat they generate. The researchers note that further studies will be necessary to identify the mechanism involved in the reduction of sperm quality due to mobile phones.

If that doesn’t shut up the better half, you might want to invest in some gaffer tape.

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