The Jag Communications retail chain is set to expand with several new stores promised. A new outlet in Port Talbot supplements the seven existing Jag stores in South Wales. 

Said MD John George: “We have been consolidating our position in the market since purchasing the KJC outlets last year but after having a stunningly successful summer we now feel its time to start expanding again.”

He’s not averse to acquisitions, either. “Buying companies has worked well for us in the past as we get a pool of trained staff at the beginning, and in our business the right staff in the right places are the most important thing “We would be happy to acquire another company if that would speed up this process in South Wales but of course the price would have to be right.”
Jag Communications is the UK’s third largest independent mobile phone retailer with over 80 stores, 320 people and an annual turnover in excess of £30m.

Founder and MD John George: “time to start expanding again”.

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