LG’S Prada Guidelines (they won’t like that)

Prada have sent guidelines to retailers detailing exact rules on how the product can be displayed, down to the correct name of the phone and even what colour the product ticket can be.

Prada have released an 11 page document to shops who are selling the Prada handset with so-called guildelines on how it can be displayed. Although they’re being described as guidelines, retailers must send pictures of the interior and exterior of the shop to LG for scrutiny.

The ‘Prada phone by LG’ (never, never the ‘LG Prada’) can only be advertised using the following rules:

1. Only the handset images supplied by Prada can be used. The screen shots must not be changed from the screen shots on the images provided.

2. The background to the handset on all collateral must be either black (preferably), white, or 60-70% black (grey). If a blue background is being used by the retailer as part of their overall store design, blue may be used as a backdrop but Prada need to agree this on an individual basis.

3. Dummy handsets must be displayed on a black ( preferably), white, or 60-70% black ( grey) background. If the standard colour in the retailer behind the dummy display is blue then blue can be used but Prada need to agree this on an individual basis.

4. The specification of the phone can be written next to the phone as can the price point. The price point must not be bigger than 10% in ratio to the size of the Prada phone it is displayed next to unless agreed with Prada on an individual basis.

5. Retailers can use the standard format of their publications, provided they use images provided by Prada without any changes. The handset must be displayed on either a black or white background in these publications. Rules of logo usage and font size still apply in the publications.

6. When the handset is displayed on the retailers website, the same rules as the retailer’s publications apply.

7. The phone is always called the ‘Prada phone by LG’. This is always written on the same line.
8. The Prada logo is never used on its own. It can only be used as part of ‘Prada phone by LG’. When it is used the LG logo must also be used.

9. When retailers write the manufacturers name in a standard font they can write ‘Prada phone by LG’ in that font / colour.

10. The Prada advert imagery can only be run in agreement with Prada. No images from the advert or the advert itself can be used at all without prior consent and sign off from Prada.

11. No logo, type or lettering should touch the handset images unless agreed with Prada on an individual basis.

12. Prada and LG logos must only be used in either black or white as supplied by Prada and LG.

13. No above the line activity should occur on the ‘Prada phone by LG’ without prior agreement from Prada and LG

14. Above the line activity includes all press, radio, TV, direct mail, and any out of store branding.

15. These are guidelines to help the partner produce Prada branding that will meet the Prada standards for this product. All material featuring the Prada handset and Prada brand is still required to be signed off by Prada in advance.

16. The Prada phone by LG is only to be sold by LG authorised retailers, networks and/or distributors to either end-users and/or other authorised retailers/ dealers who have been approved by LG as complying with its selection criteria.

17. The Prada phone by LG is not to be sold for any white label, affinity or fulfillment sales unless such sales have been approved by LG as complying with LG’s selection criteria.

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