Liberate your BlackBerry

Liberate your BlackBerry

Tim Corke

Tim Corke is the resident application reviewer for Mobile Business Magazine. Tim is marketing director and co-founder of Tracktech, a B2B communications company and software development specialist. He is currently focused on Tracktech’s award-winning, Mastercardcertified BlackBerry software, eMERIT, which allows credit card processing on a single device. Tracktech is Tim’s third start up company.

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Approaching my first set of reviews, I wanted to try and cover quite a wide range of specific topics, which is easier said than done when there are just so many exciting products out there at the moment!

Having recently spent a long week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I saw that the capabilities of applications already on the market today is quite staggering. The remainder of 2009 will only see this grow, opening up even more opportunities for every channel within the industry.

Ask anyone who uses an application and they will tell you that the ones they will use over and over again are those that are simplest to use. This by no means implies that the application itself is basic; it simply means that the complex technology used is not forced upon the user, thus avoiding a confusing experience.

Mobilise IT

Liberty from mobilise IT is one such simple, non-confusing app. Any business person working in the multi-lingual, multi-currency environment of today will be well aware that having quick and easy access to all their information is absolutely key, as per Mark’s article on ‘Microsoft Live Mesh’ last month.

As an extension to this, Liberty has been designed to integrate fully into the BlackBerry platform with complete security and convenience. Liberty allows you to access your BlackBerry mailbox, contacts, calendar information and attachments in their native format.

So, with reference to my earlier comments about simplicity, work you would normally carry out on your BlackBerry can be done quickly and easily by simply plugging a USB into most Windows-based PCs and laptops. The clever part of this application is that you are taking advantage of the ultra high level of

security provided by your BlackBerry, rather than concerning yourself with a VPN or LAN on your own machine.


Save on SIMs

Many readers of this article will be business owners themselves, or certainly be responsible for maintaining close scrutiny of the running costs on a day to day basis. Of course, no one wants to hear any more than necessary about the current economic plight of our economy, but the fact remains that every business has to tighten the purse strings and focus on the reduction of ongoing overheads to guarantee that profit margins are maintained. On this, Liberty removes the need for mobile workers to be supplied with two different SIM cards, one for voice and one for USB data access, which is potentially a huge cost saving.

The solution is flexible and completely saleable, which means that, in terms of a target audience, Liberty is a tool that could be utilised in almost any remote worker environment. Mobilise IT also offers a reselling programme that can allow any registered partner an opportunity to extend the toolset, which they can take to market.

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