Lost and found with navigator in your pocket



Satellite navigation has been firmly engrained into our business and personal driving patterns. The days of paper atlases spread across the passenger seat are long gone. However, as the majority of mobile devices now have GRP or GRPS technology, the ability to navigate from one device would help streamline a mobile worker even further and eliminate the need for multiple gadgets in the car.

Navigator from Telmap is a clever application that equips mobile phones with a fully detailed navigation solution. The technology combines GPS

satellite technology with locally-run software to provide users with a huge amount of information for their journeys. The application uses real time traffic updates to dynamically adjust journey plans, which helps you avoid any congestion en route.

Like most sat-nav technologies on the market, the audio instructions are very clear and informative, with enough time for drivers to react to turns or lane changes safely. The graphics are highly sophisticated, and can show mapping in either 2D or 3D, depending on the driver’s preference.

The software also provides excellent navigational help when you get out of the car. When downloading a pedestrian route, Navigator presents a number of different route options for walking only, or walk and ride using buses, trains and underground. Routes that include public transport provide clear information on which lines to take, at which station to get off and which station exit – always a difficult element to judge when taking public transport to a new destination.

The application also synchronises with a PC web client, Telmap Planner. This means that you can preplan your routes in the office or at home, rather than minutes before you start your engine.

Obviously many mobile workers will already have some kind of sat-nat technology, however this would be a good application for those wanting to have just one device in their car, but want to ensure that they remain contactable by phone at all times.

World Wide Web visit www.telmap.com
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