McGuider Europe 2009

McGuider Europe 2009

McGuider Europe 2009

McGuider Europe 2009

We’ve looked at several sat nav applications in these reviews, which it just proves how popular this market continues to be. The latest one to come to my attention is the McGuider Europe package.

This application is installed using a 4GB memory card to convert PDAs and smartphones into navigational devices, whether you’re travelling by car, on a bike or on foot. The card also doubles up as 2GB of storage for photos or music, which is a nice added bonus. Therefore it makes installation extremely simple as all you have to do is simply plug in and get to work.

The system uses extensive digital maps from Tele Atlas in all Western

European countries; this will be expanded out to Russia and North America in the future. The maps are very detailed, but are very clear to view, so it’s simple to see where you’re being directed.

The voice directions are very clear and well timed in conjunction with the visual maps, so it’s very simple to follow a route. It also provides lane guidance, which is very useful for if you’re not used to the area. The pedestrian and cyclist maps are also tailored specifically for the mode of transport being used, and you can see this instantly when you start to follow a route.

There are also millions of points of interest (POI) listed alongside the maps, which are grouped in over 70 categories – going beyond the standard lists of hotels and restaurants to lists of amusement parks, beaches and tourist information centres. You can also add your own POI into the list, which is a handy reference tool.

As this is a European package, McGuider alerts you when you’re crossing international borders and also gives you information on national speed limits and time zones. There’s also multilingual support in major cities and the software works in most European languages.

The application also has a McGuider Assistant function, which coordinates downloads for smooth upgrades of route information and speed cameras, so you can be confident that you’re using the latest and most effective directions to get to your destination.

I found McGuider very intuitive as a sat nav application, and it performs very well against the other applications we’ve tested out. The maps and navigational content are really excellent and very clear. I’ve only tested the UK maps, however I’d be interested to see the content the application delivers in European capitals as I can imagine this would be perfect for both people driving to European meetings, but equally as useful as a tourist tool. It’s available for £59.99, which is a really competitive price, particularly when you consider the additional storage the SD card provides, so it’s well worth checking out.

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