Mobile bonding with Cellesync

Mobile bonding with Cellesync

Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann is Mobile Business’ applications reviewer extraordinaire. He joined Genesis as director of product marketing though the acquisition of Servelogic, where he remains CEO. He has 11 years’ experience in the ISP and telecoms sectors, having been a board level director for 10 years. Mark’s expertise is product design and marketing to the UK SME market.

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Our bond with our mobile handset is undeniable; think of that moment of blind panic if you leave it at home in the morning. Even worse, losing your phone is the ultimate inconvenience.

However, hardware losses, annoying as they may be, should not be your major concern. As the capability to store a huge range of data increases, so does the need to ensure you have effective backup of all the vital personal data you rely on every day stored on your mobile device.

Don’t loose what you use

Our reliance on mobiles for data storage whether for personal or business use has rocketed in recent years. Think about how much information you’ve got stored – contacts, birthdays, meeting schedules – losing this would cause havoc in either your personal or professional life.

To combat this lost time and inconvenience, CelleBrite has launched CelleSync, saying that it is: “The most comprehensive solution for over the air data backup and sharing”.

With CelleSync, your phonebook, SMS messages, calendar, images, videos and music are all safeguarded, and Cellebrite promises restoration of data and easy phone upgrade should anything go wrong, without having to re-enter data.

The application is very simple to work once installed on your mobile device. Users can manually choose to back up phone data with one click on the handset. To make it even easier to back up regularly, the application can be set to back up automatically at a preferred date or time, removing any need to remember to regularly save your data. Another nice function is that you have the ability to select what you want to back up, rather than having to save everything that you have stored on the device.

The technology works with ‘differential backups’; essentially this means that

once you’ve completed the initial backup of information, only additions, modifications or deletions are transferred to your backed up information. This makes it quicker and easier to keep your data protected, which is excellent for users with a lot of data on their phones such as videos or an extensive music library.

You can also manage your phone content from any web browser, uploading phone data directly to contact sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.


Smooth operator

As Cellesync is fully integrated with Cellebrite’s point of sale products, the app assures immediate service activation that they argue achieves adoption and usage at a much higher rate than other OTA solutions.

So, most importantly, how do you retrieve your data if the unthinkable happens? Well, it’s pretty straight forward; go to your retailer for a replacement handset. They’ll either be able to transfer your data onto the new handset or you can send a link from the new handset to a secure web portal and have your content delivered automatically.

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