MoCo Communications

MoCo Communications

Ian Robinson, managing director

Ian Robinson, managing director, MoCo Communications

All you need to know about MoCo Communications according to managing director, Ian Robinson.

What are the key areas your business concentrates on distributing?

Mobile airtime, hardware, data and fixed line services

What is your company’s USP?

MoCo has embraced the new revenue share commission structure introduced by some of the networks, and has provided its dealers with clear and transparent commission plans that are easy to calculate.

MoCo is trading within network guidelines and its commission structure means that it is

always paying the dealer, and never initiating claw backs if the customer doesn’t reach the required ARPU.

Low turnover of trained back office support staff, as well as experience dedicated field account managers, enables MoCo to offer a first class service.


Where are you investing in or expanding your portfolio?

We are investing and expanding our online web portal, which will make doing business with us easier still.

Our fulfilment system, Consol, will fully integrate our sales, warehouse and accounts processes. It will allow our dealers to focus on sales and help reduce their overheads by eliminating the need for them to hold stock, thus improving their cashflow.

Mobile broadband will be key expansion to our product portfolio; the increasing demand for remote working will be met by an ever increasing supply of applications running over the networks, requiring configuration and integration with other office systems and products. By utilising our inhouse specialist advisors we will be able to support dealers through this phase, or if required, we can offer an assisted sale solution.


What is your view of the past year in distribution?

With the move to revenue share, the networks have passed distributors and dealers the challenge of re-educating customers on free hardware and cashbacks.

The challenge can only be won by showing the customers how the solutions we provide can add value and reduce costs.

Partners on our Business Programme have seen sales steadily increase, as well as growing their margins by selling more and more converged services.

By offering complete communications solutions across our product portfolio, which consists of mobile, landline, data and IT, they are also retaining these customers for longer.

Not many distributors can lay claim to a churn rate of around 10%, which is testament to the quality of the product offering and the close knit relationship between the customer, the dealer and ourselves.


What are the hot trends going forward for distribution in your area?

This year data will be a primary factor in driving up ARPU and retaining customers. Retaining customers will be key this year. Networks will want to partner with distributors whose base of dealers has low churn figures; in turn those dealers will benefit from more rewards.


What is at the top of your company’s agenda for the next 12 months?

Attracting the right partners that collectively position MoCo as the number one business distributor.


What are your top tips for dealers selling your products?

With the current tough economic climate, customers are looking to reduce spend which will in turn reduce ARPU, so it is imperative that dealers sell other products to retain margins in this competitive market.

Dealers need to focus on retaining their existing customers and providing them with technology for business cost efficiency, and not just for technology’s sake.

Competition between individual mobile dealers may be less, but competition from the likes of fixed line and IT providers in providing mobiles has and will continue to increase significantly.

By partnering with MoCo, as well as offering their own specialism, they can deliver these competitor services and win business from them!


What are your latest or up and coming dealer incentives?

Being a distributor for three networks means that we have a range of incentives and promotions running throughout the year.

Key Personnel:

Adam Miller, sales director, is in charge of the sales team, and makes decisions on what products and networks the company will put through its channel partners.

Miller commented: “Not only has MoCo formed closer working relationships with the major mobile network operators by increasing our connection rates and ARPU, as well as maintaining very low churn rates, we have continually increased our profile in the industry, which has enabled us to form partnerships with other leading solution providers that strengthen our product offering to the channel.”

Gordon Smith, national sales manager, manages a team of field-based dealer managers who meet face to face with the dealers, advising on all network updates, changes and commissions.

Smith said: “With a quarter of a century of distribution experience, we are focused on solutions, focused on service and focused on dealers. With bespoke commissions, assisted sales and an online fulfilment service, our partners know that MoCo are the best placed distributor to navigate through these challenging times.”

Airtime: O2 – 3 – Orange
Handsets: BlackBerry – LG – Motorola Nokia – Panasonic – Philips – Sagem Siemens – Sony Ericsson
Accessories: Genuine makes and models of mobile accessories.
Services: Mobile, fixed line, data and IT
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