More MIO

The latest from Mio Technology is a sub-£170 unit with no obvious compromises. The new C250 includes Tele Atlas maps, seven-digit postcode search, a “huge” points of interest database, and speed camera warnings out-of-the-box with free updates for a year.

There’s a 3.5in touch screen, built-in MP3 player , and support for TMC (with optional antenna and receiver). And the GPS positioning comes from a bang up to date SiRFstarIII chipset.

And below is the Mio H610, claimed to be the first GPS device designed especially for women (though we have heard that before). Mio says it’s both stylish and lightweight and “can be worn around the neck or on the wrist”.

It comes with maps of 24 European countries pre-installed and over 1.8m points of interest provided by Tele Atlas. Also on board is the WorldMate software, providing information on weather, currency conversion, measurements, dialling codes and clothing size conversions “to facilitate more effective shopping abroad”.

“Exceptional functionality is no longer the only driver behind the purchase decision … We’ve responded to this trend by designing something that women actually wanted to be seen carrying.” said Leo Exter, Marketing Manager, Mio Technology Europe.

We’ll see. It looks a tad pricey at £279.99, but Mio is getting right on top of its market and it may well be a good seller.

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