Moving TV out of the home

This is TV Anywhere from Hauppauge, a small USB device which when combined with Hauppage’s Orb software turns any home PC with access to a standard TV aerial into a personal video recorder.
So what business does it have appearing in a mobile phone mag?
Well, the video can then be accessed remotely over the Internet using a broadband connection – and the device you watch it on can be pretty much anything that can connect to the internet, including mobile phones.
And although TV Anywhere is designed to deliver TV programmes, it can be used to send any media content – video, audio or still images – from home PC to mobile.
There would seem an opportunity here for retailers. RRP is £99.99 inc VAT.
“Timeshifting was first introduced with the VCR, and later enhanced with the PVR (Personal Video Recorder),” commented Yehia Oweiss, UK MD of Hauppauge Digital. “Placeshifting is the new frontier – watching recorded TV where you want it, and moving live TV out of the home.”

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