Networks & Manufacturers Running Scared?

With the immanent launch of the iPhone this week some unlikely partnerships are forming between seemingly competitive services.
Over the past few weeks Mobile Business Magazine has kept you up to date with the furore over the iPhone launch and connected competitive services of Vodafones all-you-can-eat music downloads for £1.99 and Nokias new 80p-a-track Ovi service both of which launched over the past week.

Surprisingly enough, Vodafone and Nokia, even after their N81 was snubbed by all the networks, have got into bed together and announced that they’ll be integrating Vodafone and Nokia Ovi services on a range of handsets – strange – in a release from Nokia, 3G was mentioned several times associated with these entertainment services, something the Apple iPhone is sadly lacking.

Whilst it’s interesting that Voda’s music service and the Nokia Music Store are both to be wrapped into these handsets, some of them exclusive to Vodafone, the strategy, at least from Vodas perspective, becomes a little clearer when the release mentions Vodafone is to get the first look at any new services offered through Ovi.

Perhaps, ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’ approach to the yet unknown uptake of Apples market proposition.

Anyhow, not to be left out of the action, our friends at Sony Ericsson have put their hands up and shouted ‘Me Too!’ by announcing their plans to launch their online mobile music store early in 2008 having already signed up Warner, EMI, Sony BMG and Universal.

We recall that Moto has already whispered something about a music thingamy only leaving our Taiwanese duo LG and Samsung to launch a similar music service.

With heralded iPhone beaters coming from every traditional mobile manufacturer, haptic this and accelerometer that combined with every network and vendor launching a music store, not forgetting that there may be a possibility not every fashion led IT junkie wants to hop on the O2 network for an overpriced accessory (however uber cool) – what chance does the iPhone have after the seasonal success it’s bound to get?

You know you want to tell us, and the rest of the 00,000’s of Mobile Business readers, so go ahead and start typing below –

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