Networks on the Verge of ‘Ring Fencing’ Customers?

O2, Orange, T-Mobile and 3 discuss their future plans regarding ‘ring fencing’ distributor/dealer b2b customers.
At today’s Fone Logistics Conference’07 O2, Orange, T-Mobile and 3 were asked about their plans to stay ‘hands off’ and ‘ring fence’ dealers customer bases and midterm upgrades for existing clients.

Maggie Kennedy, O2, ‘Yes, ring fenced’ although will not turn customers away if they contact the network direct and pays for out for midterm upgrades.

Bernie O’Beirne, 3, ‘we do it with our consumer base’ (?), ‘b2b is the same message’, ‘we’ve had a bad press for upgrading, strong partners will have a bite of the cherry’ – work that out for yourselves.

Steve Heald, Orange, ‘*smile, face goes red, says nothing on ring fencing and ‘we’re thinking about it, er, those things, looking to phase in’ (regarding midterm upgrades)*’

Mark Hayward, T-Mobile, ‘*smile, face goes red, mentions they do with some partners, as he walks towards boss, Roger Fletcher,*’, although did mention they may implement commissions at 12 months for 24 month upgrades, maybe, one day.

In all fairness, the network representatives were put on the spot by dealer questions, some had answers and some did not have adequate ones, there were all however positive about future dealer relationships via Fone Logistics who are actively recruiting new dealers to its highly successful ‘Select Business’ program.

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