News in Brief

Symbian competition
The Forum Nokia S60 Third Edition Challenge is a competition for mobile developers designed to find innovative new mobile enterprise, music, location-based and Macromedia Flash applications for the newest version of the Symbian 60 platform.
Any company that creates mobile applications can compete for e100,000 in prizes.

China’s DIY 3G
China has firmed up its very own standards for 3G, called TD-SCDMA. Under development since 2001, it now seems stable enough to go into production. The decision means that China can avoid paying royalties for 3G technology and opens the way for an auction of Chinese mobile licenses.

Up all night Hotel chain
Travelodge has been counting the objects guest left behind in their rooms during 2005. Head of the list: mobile phones and chargers. The top ten also included false teeth, cash or credit cards, and “hen/stag night accessories”.Samsung demonstrates top-speed HSDPA

Samsung goes faster
At the CES show in Las Vegas last month, Samsung showed an HSDPA phone, the SGH-ZX20, that demonstrated data rates of 3.6Mbps – the theoretical maximum for HSDPA. The ZX20 may well be shipped in two variants, one with a half-speed chipset. At least one of them is probably coming to Europe, courtesy of an exclusive with Vodafone.

T-Mobile does notebooks
T-Mobile will start selling notebook PCs in Germany next month. The move coincides with its launch of a HSDPA high-speed data service, and T-Mobile will be subsidising the price of the laptops in much the same way as it does mobile phones.This could mean a laptop for around E100 on a two-year contract, assuming a subsidy of around E500. And when an HSDPA-equipped laptop costs roughly the same as a 3G handset, which will German consumers prefer for access to the mobile Internet? T-Mobile presumably expects that 3G phones will continue to sell primarily as voice-call devices, while HSDPA will sell as an alternative to WiFi for data access.

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