NOKIA 6280

In Nokia-land, the 6280 can be seen as a replacement for the successful 6230i, the classic business phone. Except that it’s a slider – a rarity in Nokia’s product line.
Another unusual feature for Nokia: it’s one of the first Nokias to use miniSD memory cards instead of the old MMC and RC-MMC.
Connectivity is good – a tri-band GSM plus EDGE/GPRS and 3G. So is the 6280’s display, which is simply brilliant – a TFT screen with 262K colours, very bright and visible even in direct sunlight.
And the built-in camera in one of the best on the market – 2mp with maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Nokia has implemented a new user interface for the camera – pictures can now be displayed across the entire screen. But nothing’s perfect: there’s no autofocus, the macro is macro, and for video the frame rate is very low video.
Active stand by is a new function; it shows upcoming events and includes radio and MP3 player controls among other functions. The keyboard is ok. Keys are big enough and well arranged, perfectly good for SMS and long emails.
• A very good business phone if you can live with the un-Nokia-like form factor and some negatives on the camera side.

Length 100mm
Width 46mm
Depth 21mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours
320×240 pixels
2mp, video;
video-call VGA camera
Bluetooth, USB, IR
Standby 200h
Talk time 5h
Stereo FM radio
music player

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